Creating Academic Sets of Knowledge through Participatory Action Research with Children

Vortrag von Veronika Wöhrer, Doris Arztmann & Teresa Wintersteller bei der Changing Worlds Konferenz am 22.11.2014, Wien

The Changing Worlds Conference sets its focus on Changing Worlds. We ask how the worlds we inhabit change and change us, and how we as their inhabitants change them in turn. In doing so, we hold the understanding that neither we nor others are ever neutral, but necessarily ‘biased’ in our positions in and towards the world as well as in our interpretations of and engagements with the world. We are interested in facing and dealing with emergences, r-/evolutions, intentional or unintentional deviations and dynamics as well as mutual constitutions that make up the world. With Changing Worlds, we therefore wish to make explicit (some of) the ideologies that help shape worlds and are being shaped by them, utopias that may or may not be achieved or strived for by different groups, and the personal, political, professional, etc. ambitions that factor into these frameworks.

Changing Worlds:
Ideologies, Utopias and Ambitions in Science and Technology
Department of Science and Technology Studies, University of Vienna (Austria)
20–22 November 2014